Cooking parties & Lessons

Command the kitchen like I do with an instructional cooking party! Whether you’re looking for a private one on one cooking lesson, or a group lesson to share with your friends, I promise to empower you beyond the same old boring chicken dish you’ve been trying to get away from.

Cooking Parties: No matter the skill level, I will have you walking away with tips, tools, and tricks to master recipes and feel like a BOSS in the kitchen! Cooking Party menus are customizable and begin with an appetizer that you and you guests can dine on as they arrive.

I will provide recipes, equipment, instruction, and tips as I walk each of you through your entree and sides. While you wait for you entree to finish cooking I will begin preparing your dessert where you have the option of watching or entertaining yourselves with you own activity.

You will come back to the kitchen to plate your entree. While you are dining I will finish up your dessert.

Cooking Lessons: We can begin with scrambled eggs and end with pasta carbonara! The skill level is totally up to you! Cooking lessons feature you in your own kitchen with your own equipment. We will walk through a recipe or two person lesson and you can choose to have one lesson or ten. The choice is yours.

Contact Chef Tanorria to discuss your cooking dreams and goals!

Cooking Party