EPIC Fall Dinner Party

I know. I know. It feels like winter outside. Our mindsets are even saying winter because Christmas sales & ads are in full effect. I hate to break it to you, but fall isn’t over yet. We haven’t even had Thanksgiving, ya’ll! Don’t give up on fall!

I think I stand so strongly for fall because it is my favorite flavor profile of the year.  To me, fall means maple, apple, cinnamon, bourbon, and more. I love the colorful oranges and reds, and multiple shades of brown. I love the warm flavors, and the richness of it all. Fall is life!

As a personal chef I don’t get very many requests for fall dinner parties. I feel like life gets in the way. Back to school season just left, halloween parties are their own production, and then people dive right into Christmas. Leaving out Thanksgiving and all that comes with it. I love a beautifully decorated home with fall decor. I also love fall fashion. I am here for a fashionable excuse to cover up all my lumps and bumps, and be cute doing it!

My friend Sierra Holmes of Eclectic Kurves and I are kind of on the same wave length when it comes to how beautifully food and fashion can pair. We have teamed up again to show you that fall is not dead, and we can be incredibly THANKFUL for it! 

A popular way to celebrate fall and host a dinner party is to have Friendsgiving. It’s been a buzz word for a few years now, and I think it’s a wonderful way to gather your friends and show them just how thankful you really are for them. There once was a time where I cheerfully volunteered to prepare a full Thanksgiving dinner for all of my friends (and their kids). I felt like they had done so much for me over that last year and I really wanted to show my appreciation. Now I know I am extra, and probably did too much, but I learned a lot from that particular Friendsgiving.

I learned to never volunteer to prepare a full Thanksgiving dinner for all of my friends (and their kids) again!  It was stressful, expensive, and overwhelming. While I know my friends LOVED dining on my deliciousness, I was never truly present with my friends and didn’t get to enjoy their company. I felt more like the hired help than their friend, and they weren’t even to blame for that. I was! I took on too much.

An EPIC fall dinner party should be light, fun, and delicious. Whether it be for Friendsgiving or simply because you love fall as much as I do, you want to set yourself up for success to ensure you are able to enjoy your guest and look fabulous while doing it.

Consider keeping your menu simple and serving only appetizers. Even if you decide to serve a full meal, these appetizers are easy enough to not get in the way of the orchestrated production you have going on in the kitchen. There is minimal cooking involved with my Loaded Sweet Potato Rounds. All you have to do is cook the sweet potato. The rest of the work is in assembly. This recipe is such a fun spin on sweet potatoes and is sure to surprise your guests.

My Apple & Brie Crostini is another appetizer that hardly has any cooking involved. All you have to do is slice and toast some baguette. If you are a burner of bread like I am, be sure to grab two loaves of baguette as a back up.

If you are only serving appetizers, spare your guest the notion of having turkey right before they’re about to have turkey with their family on Thanksgiving Day. Consider serving a chicken meatball instead. You have a lot of creative freedom with these meatballs, but the Bourbon Maple Dijon Sauce that I’ve paired with these screams fall loud and clear.

Keeping up with the theme of simple and delicious, I’ve enhanced a Treats by Tanorria wine cake to be a show stopper at your fall dinner party table. This Pomegranate Red Wine Cake is stunning, delicious, and has wine! YES! You could even surprise guests with a bag of wine cake mix and a bottle of wine as a unique party favor.

I am confident this menu will give you the time you need to not only pull off a fabulous dinner party, but you will also have time to jazz yourself up a bit and look amazing while serving your guests. You’ll even be able to enjoy your own cocktail this time!  Guests will love sipping on this Orange Apple Cider Cocktail.  Grab some apple cider from Tuttle’s Orchards and serve it as a cocktail and save some to serve warm!

I personally like to get out of my chef coat from time and time and be present. Sierra has the perfect fall style guide for looking fierce at your next fall dinner party. Her website can give you all the details you need on staying warm and looking beautiful.

Thanksgiving is not too far away and as we recognize this month as a month of gratitude, I want to take a moment to express just how thankful I am for each and every one of you. I have such a fun time creating content and partnering with such talented people like Eclectic KurvesThose McKissics Photography, and Createralla Florals. I am incredibly thankful for them and for this opportunity to share another EPIC dinner party with you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

**Special thank you to Fine Craft Builders for the stunning home and backdrop for this EPIC Fall Dinner Party.

Mark Wehman